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At-Home Beer Tasting Made Simple

At-Home Beer Tasting Made Simple

3 minute read

Last weekend we had agreat time at ourCome Brew with Our Crew Warehouse Sale! Along with featuring discounts on our beautifully handcrafted Pub & Dining furniture, samples of a few local beers were available for tasting.

Our bar table was set up with a diverse assortment of 6 beers:

    1. Yuengling® Golden Pilsner
    2. Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale
    3. Yard’s Brewing Company (IPA)
    4. Lancaster Brewing Company (Lager)
    5. Lancaster Brewing Company (Milk Stout)
    6. Victory Brewing Company (Winter Cheers)

Beer Tasting

But if you’re looking to host a simple suds sipping experience in your own home, I’ve gathered a few tips and ideas that may help as you plan your fun, safe and memorable event.

  • Shopping List:
    • Variety of beers
    • Sampling glasses (4-6 oz. for tasting)
    • Plates and napkins
    • Snacks
    • Water
  • Invite a small group of friends.
    • Include those who usually respond with, “I’m not really a beer drinker.” When encouraged to sip a variety of beers, your friend(s) may actually find one he/she can appreciate and enjoy. (Suggestion: Throw in afun beer such as a chocolate or fruity beer.)
    • When extending the invitation, recommend that your friends refrain from wearing perfume or cologne as these can interfere with the aroma and, therefore, the taste of the beer.
    • Will you just hang out while beer sampling, or will you host a friendly competition to determine the most favored beer?
  • Offer a selection of beers for tasting.
    • There is an overabundance of beer flavors and types! Perhaps choosing a theme is appealing to you (e.g., spring, summer, fall or winter beers; a specific style of beer [stouts, lagers, ales]; organic beers; local craft or home brews, etc.)
    • Another option to you providing all the beer is to ask each person or couple to bring a growler of their own home-crafted beer or a commercial beer that goes along with the theme you’ve chosen.
  • Set up the beer tasting area.
    • Either position the bottles so your guests can see what they’re tasting, or add a bit of wonder and mystery by keeping the beer in plain, brown bags. (Create a master list of beers by using something as simple as letters or numbers.)
    • Group the beers at one table or have “Beer Tasting Stations” spread throughout a large room.
    • Position an ample number of 4-6 oz. sampling glasses convenient to the beers.
      • When pouring, fill the glasses only about half way to ensure the aroma’s ability to fill the glass.
      • Because of the different percentages of alcohol content, suggest to your guests that they taste in order of lighter flavors to heavier flavors.
  • Provide a variety of uncomplicated snacks.
    • Although the combination of pizza and beer has been around since...well...for a very long time, instead, consider serving a few simple snacks.
      • raw veggies, fruit, nuts, cheeses, crackers, chips and dip, etc.
    • Snacking not only helps to clear the palate but it also keeps the alcohol level lower in the bloodstream.
    • Encourage nibbling and hydrating with water in between each beer tasting.
  • Make arrangements for a designated driver ahead of time, just in case.
    • Don’t hesitate to confiscate keys if you suspect a guest's ability to drive home is compromised.
    • An alternative: Offer a prepared guest room.

For more information and instruction on getting the most out of your own at-home brew with your crew, check out this article on by Marty Nachel and Steve Ettlinger. 

I'd love to hear about how your night goes, and don’t forget to include pics!


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