March 10, 2020

Learn how to begin living a more healthy lifestyle by following simple already “planned-for-you” instructions.

It’s already almost March and somehow you’ve yet to implement your New Year’s Resolution of making healthier food choices. If your body is still telling you it wants to feel better and have more energy (and whose isn’t?!), join us for the 28 Day Health Transformation Challenge! You’ll learn how to begin living a more healthy lifestyle by following simple already “planned-for-you” instructions. The $79 NON-REFUNDABLE fee (due at registration) includes:

  • 4 Weeks of Dietitian-approved Meal Plans
  • Convenient 4-week Print-and-Go Grocery List
  • Success Manual
  • 67 Delicious, Easy-to-Make Recipes
  • Dining Out Guide
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Encouragement from Fellow Attendees
Registration begins now through March 6*:
  • First meeting: March 6, 7 PM
  • Location: RRDCo Warehouse- 2180 Colflesh Rd.,
  • Perkiomenville, PA 18074
  • Although attendance is optional, it is highly encouraged
  • A professional trainer (see below) will be taking each person’s measurements. (PLEASE WEAR FORM-FITTING -but comfortable- CLOTHES.)
  • If you’re unable to attend, instructions for taking your own measurements will be forwarded after registration.
  • Additional tips and suggestions will be given on this night.
  • Max capacity: 40

Additional Information:
  • 28 days begin March 16 and conclude April 12.
  • We will reconvene at the RRDCo warehouse on Thursday, April 16, 7 PM.


What are some of the health benefits of doing this challenge?
  • Increase energy levels
  • Increase metabolism and decrease body fat
  • Eliminate sugar cravings
  • Improved sleep
  • Naturally balance blood sugar
  • Decrease anxiety and mood swings
  • Improve memory and decrease brain fog
Is this program for both men and women?
  • Absolutely! Since men and women metabolize food differently you will adjust serving sizes accordingly. You will find appropriate serving sizes in your Success Manual.
Can I go out to dinner?
  • Yes, you can! You will receive a Dining Out Guide that will help you make better choices when going out to eat. You also get 1 cheat meal a week. You do not want to ruin all of your hard work but you can absolutely indulge a little bit!
What if I don't like fish or something else on the menu?
  • You have the flexibility to swap out foods. There is a list of food swaps in your Success Manual.
Why should I join the private Facebook group?
  • You will have the support and encouragement not only from Melissa but from all of the other participants. There will be daily posts to help keep you motivated!
What are some of the meals on the menu?
  • Berry Good Morning Smoothie, Salmon Burger with Mango Salsa,
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken
  • Kitchen Sink Salad, and so many more!
What kind of weight loss results have you seen with this challenge?
  • The last time Melissa ran this challenge, she had 15 participants that lost a combined total of 122 pounds and 91 inches.

RUSTIC RED DOOR COMPANY is co-hosting this 28 Day Health Transformation Challenge with Melissa (owner of Next Fitness in Perkiomenville), a certified personal trainer, and so much more! She’ll be leading the challenge as well as be available with her plethora of expertise.

(Read more about Melissa @

Why is RRDCo co-hosting this 28 Day Health Transformation Challenge?
  • We’re community-focused, and we enjoy giving back any way we can.
  • We love being a small business and have a passion for helping other small businesses. (RRDCo owner Kerry has thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa and the friendship they share!)
  • Because the importance of family is at the center of who we are, our hope is that the new healthy eating practices being taught will influence healthy eating in our homes.

Simply put, we believe that healthy men and women feel better. And when we feel better overall, we have the desire plus the energy to become the best possible version of ourselves...not only for us but also for our family, friends, and community.

We encourage you to mark your calendars now and register soon before spots are no longer available. (All levels of health and fitness are welcome.)

See ya’ at the warehouse on March 6th!