May 06, 2020



Looking for an adventure to your “happy place” while staying indoors? Consider rearranging your decor! Here are some tips to think about if decorating (or redecorating) your mantel or shelf is on your list of fun things to do:

6 Tips for Decorating Your Mantel or Shelf

Hi, Everyone! My name is Kim. Today I’m going to share some tips you’ll want to think about when detailing your mantle

First, you’ll want to think about the height of your objects. You might want to balance them so that they’re both tall on either side, or you might want to place something taller towards the middle so it attracts your eye and becomes the focal point. You may also want to include some height to make your ceilings look taller. 

Next, I like to consider the season we’re in. You can pop in different pieces of spring when it’s spring; if it’s Christmastime, maybe you’ll add some berries and greens. Right now we’re working on spring so I’ve added flowers and I’m popping those spring colors together which marries the color into one great detail. 

I also like to think about layering, making sure some objects are at the front of my mantle while other things are toward the back. That actually gives you a nice depth of field. 

In addition, when I group things together, I usually group them in odd numbers. When I made this particular grouping, I originally started with two and I didn’t think it really looked finished, so I added a third piece and grouped them closer together. 

The last thing to think about is spacing. You don’t want things so close to each other that they look crowded. Put something on your mantel then take a good step back and see if you think it looks overcrowded. Does one area need a little more attention than another or look unbalanced?

I hope you find these tips helpful and that your new space looks amazing. Decorating doesn't have to be over-complicated, scary, or difficult.  With these 6 helpful tips, you will be transforming your shelves, mantle, or space into a happy one.  Just do your best to balance things and remember to take a few steps back and admire what you have created.  And most of all, have fun!   


Kim Mantel

                                    -Kim Bancroft, RRD Interior Decorator

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