January 04, 2019

When shopping around for furniture whose primary function is to hold items for table service, the differences between a buffet, sideboard, server or credenza can be a bit confusing. Below are some important distinctions of each that should help you in your choice.

Sideboard  (also known as a  Buffet)

  • Long, waist-high (or lower) furniture piece with short or no legs, used also for storage
  • May or may not have cabinets that extend to the floor
  • Has compartments or shelves in/on which to hold table service items
  • May include a hutch with open shelving or with glass front cabinets intended for displaying fine tableware
  • Usually found in a living room or entryway; when used in a dining room it is generally referred to as a buffet
  • *An antique variation of the sideboard is a  huntboard which is taller, smaller and more simple than a typical sideboard; it was designed to be stood around by hungry folks as they ate after finishing a huntLaura Gaskil, Houzz contributor

Reclaimed Wood Barn Door Server Collage 

Buffet  (also known as a Sideboard)

  • Same characteristics as a sideboard but are generally found in a dining room 


  • Smaller, more formal, lighter in scale than Sideboards or Buffets
  • May have drawers or cabinets
  • May have an open bottom with taller legs  


  • Today’s credenzas are usually long, low cabinets (with sliding doors) on slender legs.
Wadsworth Buffet

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