May 17, 2019

OK. Maybe to some acarologists out there, my title is a bit crude. But when you have family members as I do who live on acreage where deer frequently sleep, eat, and play (and pass on the ticks carrying the bacteria that cause Lyme Disease), the words aren't severe enough. And, whether we like it or not (I'm certain we DO NOT!), with spring comes ticks.

In an effort to help my grandkids escape contracting the horrible disease that is so prevalent in our area of the US, I'm trying a safer -yet effective- approach to keeping these bloodsuckers from attaching themselves to my babies' young, tender skin.

Natural Tick Repellent

If you have a natural bug or tick repellant you can share with us, please send it to me at as soon as possible so we can take advantage of your suggestions this summer. Meanwhile...does anyone know a natural remedy to keep those pesky gnats from swarming above my head (other than wearing a dryer sheet)? 


For up-to-date information on Lyme and other tickborne diseases, visit 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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