March 19, 2018

What comes to mind when you think of Easter?  Resurrection, forgiveness, reconciliation, communion; to list a few things. I’m sure you could list plenty more. These few things are the core of why we celebrate Easter. We go to church to rejoice with our church family and in remembrance we break bread and drink wine, or grape juice depending on your conviction. When I think back on my childhood I think of other things as well. Easter baskets filled with candy, egg hunts, dyeing eggs, and family dinners. Even now in my adult life, long after I’ve outgrown those things, I enjoy them. Although they aren’t the reason for Easter, they’ve become a part of it in a way that I can’t untangle. I look forward to seeing my children hunt for plastic eggs in the backyard. Watching them light up as they open them to find chocolate, money, and other small toys. These are joyful things that I look back on fondly. I’m sure my experience is not too dissimilar to some of your own.

The other aspect of Easter that I enjoy is the family dinner. Each year my family gets together to celebrate and enjoy a well cooked meal. In preparation for this I like to set a simple yet rustic styled table setting.

On my Hawthorne Square Farmhouse table with matching chairs, I set up a simple Easter themed setting. In the center I placed the few decorative touches consisting of handmade bark wood rabbits and a large silver egg on top of one of our brown maple lazy susans. Underneath these I kept it minimalistic but decorative with a long burlap runner displaying the letter “S”.

Around the edges of the table I simply placed two plates on top of the other contrasting the larger white with a smaller red, on top of which I laid a cloth napkin in a silver rabbit napkin ring. 

I like to keep things simple but looking good. I hope you can take away some decorative ideas from us this season! Have an enjoyable Easter season!

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