September 11, 2019

One of the many advantages of owning a business is having the option to handpick which delivery destinations to make as a family. With several custom items needing to be picked up from our woodworkers and transported to Grosse Pointe Farms in Michigan, we chose to make this delivery a family affair and take the 500+ miles trek to the Great Lakes State in mid-June.

Road Trip


FIRST STOP: The Buckeye State
North Central Ohio, home to several of our incredible woodworkers, was where we wrapped and loaded a custom leather sofa along with a custom table, and chairs. Throughout the first half of our trip, we adopted the slogan Many hands make light work as the boys helped to package, load, and carry.

First Stop: The Buckeye State


After the furniture was successfully delivered and placed in our customers’ beautiful home, we began the journey toward the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and included some breathtakingly beautiful stops along the way. Because fishing and kayaking will always take precedence over just about anything in our family (when time allows), Kent Lake was the perfect place for enjoying two of the activities our boys love.

On the Road Again


Our next planned stop was to Cheboygan.  We thought we were visiting the same Sheboygan mentioned in the movie Home Alone. However, once we arrived, we quickly discovered that the movie setting Sheboygan is not only spelled differently but it’s also in a completely different state: Wisconsin. Oh, well. We still took advantage of the playground at the state park and stretched our legs along the lakefront. It was well worth the stop.



As we continued on our journey towards the Upper Peninsula, we found ourselves on the 5 miles long Mackinac Bridge which hovers 200 feet above the water--a thrilling and precise example of fine engineering connecting the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. (Not at all thrilling were the millions of annoying mayflies!  We learned that future visits should be made any month but June. It seriously felt like we were in the end times!)

 Still Heading North


After crossing the bridge, we ventured all the way up to Whitefish Point and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum where the boys learned about one of the most famous shipwrecks: The Edmund Fitzgerald.

Educational Stop


A L M O S T   T H E R E . . . 
We made a quick stop for more outdoor adventure at Tahquamenon Falls State Park before continuing on to Sault Ste Marie’s Soo Locks. Although we were so, so close to Canada, we hadn’t brought our passports, so we looked north and just said, See ya’ next time, eh? (Just kidding.)

Almost There


Our last Michigan stop was the beautiful and clear Torch Lake where we spent a few hours fishing guessed it.  Kayaking!

Heading Back towards the Keystone State


We finally made it home about a week after our adventure began. All-in-all it was a fantastic family trip full of incredible experiences (even if it did have its share of typical sibling squabbles.)  We feel so blessed we were able to take our boys to visit 4 out of the 5 Great Lakes and see so many interesting things along the way. We made more than enough wonderful memories and are looking forward to our next Smith family delivery adventure! 




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