September 20, 2019

When [children] mature from their childish youths."   ~unknown


Coming of Age celebrations have been around since the 1800s as a way to usher in the next phase of life. Because our family has two cousins (only 13 hours apart!) who recently reached this milestone, we wanted to honor both of them with a Sweet 16 at the Rustic Red Door warehouse. 

Sweet 16 1


All the beautiful signs, including the Candy, Donut, Popcorn, and Soda Bars, were all custom-made by Jen our Creative Director.
(Along with the sugary goodness, we kept it simple by serving Chick-fil-A and pretzels.)

Sweet 16 2


A huge hit of the night was the Soda Bar. To create the Italian Sodas, we provided a variety of syrup, seltzer water, ice, and cream which was optional but a SURPRISINGLY YUMMY addition! (They tasted very similar to a rootbeer float or an orange creamsicle. DEEELICIOUS!!!)

Sweet 16 3


To help capture the night's memories, we built a fabulous backdrop for photos.

Sweet 16 3


We had a DJ, lots of friends and family, and a photo wall filled with so many great pics of the honorees in their childhood years.

 DJ, Friends, Photo Wall


And although both adults and kids were invited, each had their separate area. At least one puppy was in attendance too, who, of course, stole the show by doing his rendition of cuteness.  

Happy B-day!



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