July 17, 2019

Summer. Sunshine. Heat, Humidity...MORE HEAT & HUMIDITY!

Growing up in Central Texas was ALL of those things times a million. The smothering heat and humidity usually began in May and stretched through September. Rarely did a dip in the pool bring much relief as the water temperature was often tepid at best.

What I DID always find invigorating was a tall, ice-cold glass of sun tea made almost daily by my mom. It was a staple in our home as much as Dr. Pepper and Blue Bell ice cream floats. (Y'all Texans know what I'm talkin' about!)

I haven't made much sun tea since moving to Pennsylvania, but after a long, cold, and very dreary winter, I began missing my southern roots. My mind went a bit nostalgic on me and I began reminiscing about the days of sipping refreshing sun tea on the back patio. Here's Mom's recipe:


 Do you have a favorite refreshing summer drink? Please share it with me at Susan@RusticRedDoor.com and I'll be sure to pass it on.


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