April 22, 2018

Reclaimed wood has made a tremendous surge in popularity in recent years. Perhaps its fame has increased due to the recognition of many that our consumer-driven society has been reaping the consequences of our laissez faire attitude toward the environment. Maybe, for other reasons, we’ve just begun to see alternative and invaluable uses for things we once hastily discarded. Repurposed wood can be the remedy to both of those points: helping to slow down the destruction of trees in our forests and retarding the accumulation of bulk waste in our landfills. Whatever the thought, one undeniable reality is: Authentic, reclaimed wood is beautiful! Every knot, grain, wormhole, nail hole, saw mark and imperfection is exclusive to that one wood piece. Each beam, with a personality of its own, is uniquely designed by its Creator—never to be replicated by another piece of wood.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Table

What about the wood used in the reclaimed wood furniture, doors and flooring sold by Rustic Red Door? Our Amish craftsmen use only genuine reclaimed wood from old barns or factories—not a veneer or another look-alike wood made to resemble old wood. Most of the reclaimed wood is oak, chestnut, elm, ash, beech, maple, poplar and walnut. Many barns also had hemlock and pine in them. Old growth pine or Heart Pine is naturally strong and much harder than today's pine. The wood from these barns was cut down 100-200 years ago from trees that were typically hundreds of years old. This wood has been around for a long time and needs to be preserved and enjoyed for generations to come.

Constructing pieces from reclaimed wood includes a more involved and rigorous process of selection and hand planing, but the results speak for themselves. Each magnificently smooth-surfaced creation, with its delicately exposed wood grain, becomes a prized possession to its owner. As you can see, we take pride in the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s seen in each product we offer.

You can also purchase all of our reclaimed wood furniture on our website.  Don't forget that we can do custom reclaimed wood furniture as well.  We ship to lower 48 sates or if live in the Greater Philadelphia Area—or more specifically, Perkiomenville, PA, contact us to set up an appointment to come by and visit our Rustic Red Door showroom.  You will get to see a sampling of our reclaimed wood furniture products.  

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