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Finished outside dimensions of each piece in inches.  Include dimensions of any other areas that you care about. 

        Length = Left to Right
        Depth = Front to Back
        Height = Bottom to Top

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Wood Types

Cedar (also known as Red Juniper) 

Cedar is a knotty wood which has a red-brown color with light streaks. Although a soft wood, cedar has good shock resistance and structural stability. This wood is highly resistant to decay and attack by insects, specifically termites. Cedar most often shows a thin layer of sapwood that is light brown or cream in color. The heartwood is typically a red to deep reddish brown that often has accentuating knots. Cedar's Janka rating = 900


Cherry is one of the most naturally beautiful hardwoods and is often imitated. The natural coloring of this wood varies from light brown to dark reddish brown with an irregular wood grain. It looks excellent with a clear or light finish to accentuate its natural beauty. Many people will get a clear finish and allow it to darken naturally over time. Cherry Janka hardness rating = 950.

Elm (also known as American Elm, Soft Elm, White Elm)

The color of elm wood can vary substantially. The heartwood is light to medium reddish brown, and the paler sapwood is usually distinct. The grain interlocks with a somewhat coarse, very irregular and uneven texture. Elm Janka Hardness rating = 830


This very strong and hard wood has a light brown/tan to reddish-brown color with a straight, indistinct grain. Hickory's beauty is best accented with a light or clear finish at a higher sheen/gloss. Not all of our woodworking furniture can be made in hickory wood. If you want an item in hickory but do not see it as an option, please contact us. Hickory Janka hardness rating = 1820.

Maple (also known as White Maple or Hard Maple) 

Maple is a strong, dense hardwood. Its color is light brown with a reddish cast, and the grain is usually straight. This is a premium wood. Not all woodworking furniture can be made in maple wood. If you want an item in maple but do not see it as an option, please contact us. Maple Janka hardness rating = 1450.

Rustic Cherry

Rustic Cherry has the natural accentuated characteristics of cherry wood, and it is common to see natural knots on the surface. This is the perfect choice for a natural rustic look. Color range includes white, brown, and deep red with brown flecks. Rustic Cherry Janka hardness rating = 950.

Rustic Hickory

Rustic Hickory is less refined than traditional hickory wood. With Rustic Hickory, the natural characteristics of hickory are intensified. Color ranges from light brown/tan to dark reddish-brown. Rustic Hickory Janka hardness rating = 1820.

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Finish Options

Finish is one of the last things that needs to be decided.  As long as you know what category of finish you want (see categories below).

We offer samples of most of our options that can shipped to an already paying customer.  We just request the samples be returned before we ship/deliver your item.


We offer a large variety of stain options as part of our base charge.  For an upcharge, we do the brand stain of your choice.  May require customer to ship stain to woodworker.  


We usually suggest brown maple wood for painted items.  We can do just about any solid paint color.  Black & white are popular options.  We can also match colors  or use a color of your brand of choice (for an upcharge & may require customer to ship directly to the woodworker)


Glaze is a thin film of color (usually a little thicker than stain) that is painted over the  base coat on a piece of furniture.  When applied, the glaze attaches itself down into the crevices, lines, and ridges with very little running.  It is used to add a rich dimension to create the look of an authentically aged finish from another era.  

Two Tone

Two tone is two finish options on the same piece.  Typically one is used on the bottom part & another on the top part.  This is offered for both paints & stains.

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