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Not sure what to do with your favorite quilt? Instead of hiding your precious quilts in a blanket box or closet, display them on a quilt hanger or clamp. Read More

Our Amish-made quilt hangers are a great way to display works of timeless art. They're easy to set up and we offer various stains/paints so you can get one that matches your home. Enhance the beauty with a high-quality quilt hanger without damaging your quilt.

Quilt hangers are a great way to hang a quilt or tapestry as a decorative piece. A wall-hanging wooden clamp carefully clasped onto your quilt can add a welcoming feel to your desired room of placement. They are the perfect solution for bare walls that are in need of some art to create a feeling of warmth at home.

About Our Wooden Quilt Hanger

On the search for the perfect wooden quilt hanger? Shop through our extensive selection of clamps and quilt shelves that are made of solid wood. We offer Oak, Brown Maple, and Cherry in various stains, paint colors, and lengths. Our quilt clamps range from 30" to 96" in length, while our shelves come in 30" to 72" lengths. (Custom lengths are also available.)

American-Made, Heirloom Quality

Each quilt hanger is expertly crafted and finished by our select American woodworkers. With meticulous detail and care, each one is built to heirloom quality so it can last for generations.

Customize Your Quilt Hanger

Like most of our products at Rustic Red Door, customizing the length is an option for quilt hangers. Please select a product to customize or set up a free design consultation!

FAQs About Quilt Hangers

What are quilt hangers?

A quilt clamp or shelf is designed for hanging and displaying your favorite quilt or tapestry on walls that might need some decoration.

How does a quilt hanger work?

With our quilt clamp, the quilt is displayed by safely fastening the edge of the quilt between two wood pieces. (There is no damage to the quilt when secured properly. See how to install your hanger in our Quilt Hanger Installation Instructions.) Our quilt shelf is designed with a solid wooden rod that can easily slide through a folded blanket or tapestry

What kind of quilt hangers are available at Rustic Red Door?

We have 2 types. We have quilt clamps to display the whole quilt, and we also have quilt shelves with a removable wooden bar. Each type is available in multiple sizes so you can choose whether you want to hang your quilt on a rod for easy access or use it as a décor piece in your home.

What is the best way to display my quilt on a wall?

Any way you want! If you want to display your whole quilt perfectly from edge to edge, we recommend getting a quilt clamp!

How do you hang a quilt without a sleeve? Or what kind of sleeve do I need?

You will not need a quilt sleeve to hang your quilt. Our quilt clamps have a groove inside so you can easily attach your fabric between the two pieces of wood. The clamps come with a minimum of 2 holes with made-to-match knobs that are screwed in right under the groove for a secure grip. (The number of knobs increases with the length of the clamp.) Please see our video on our quilt clamp installation page for more details.

Do I need a special nail or hook?

Our quilt hangers come with keyhole slots and mounting screws, but you will also need a single nail that is for general use. Depending on the weight of your tapestry or quilt, an anchor bolt/toggle bolt is also recommended for each keyhole. You can read our installation instructions for quilt hangers and quilt shelves to mount them successfully.

What to look for in quilt hangers?

When shopping for a quilt hanger, make sure you choose one from a reputable source. At Rustic Red Door, we take great care in selecting excellent wood and expert craftsmen so you can get an heirloom-quality quilt hanger for your prized craft.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty on select wood furniture and décor items. Please see our warranty page for more information.

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