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Contrary to what your first impression may be of those words, Rustic Lazy Susans are actually very hard workers. Webster’s Dictionary defines the Lazy Susan as a revolving tray on a table, used especially for holding condiments. Its first known use was in 1912 and she’s been working diligently since then.

To get the most usability from any traditional wood lazy Susan, consider the size of your table. Be sure to choose a wooden tray that would serve the needs of your family. The diameter choices we offer range from 12" to 22" depending on which wood and stain you choose.

Solid Wood Craftsmanship, No Veneers

Each Rustic Lazy Susan is handcrafted by our woodworkers in Ohio. You'll appreciate the quality found in the features of this rotating tray that works well for your family or large gathering.

As you browse the different wood options, you'll find quite a variety of sizes and stain choices. A pre-catalyzed polyurethane finish is added to protect the wood from the demands of a family's wear and tear and felt fabric on the bottom of the lazy Susan helps to protect your table from possible scratches.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for wedding gifts that are beautiful and functional? Choose from a traditional style, an engravable style, and a divided style.

The engravable wooden turntable makes dinnertime a little easier when passing the condiments while the divided lazy Susan style helps keep things safe and organized.

Non-Traditional Uses

With a little bit of imagination, you can come up with other places in and around your home where a lazy Susan would be fitting. In bathroom cabinets you can have easy access to hard-to-reach toiletries; on bathroom counters, an added decorative piece can display soaps and candles; on kitchen countertops you can store extra napkins, ripening fruit bowls, and snacks.

Lazy Susans can be useful as a wine and a cheese platter, on a dresser top to keep items organized and convenient, as a desktop storage spot for office supplies, or on a coffee table for remotes, coasters, and small plants.

Shop Dining Tables

What would be more fitting than to add a beautiful solid wood dining table to your lazy Susan? All of our tables are handcrafted, solid wood. Browse our selection that includes live edge dining tables and barnwood dining tables. You're sure to find the perfect one for your family to love!

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