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Imagine seeing your children happily playing with their toys. Then, when they're done, they place all of their toys in their rustic toy box, meaning fewer messes around the house! So search for the perfect chest for your child below. Read More

These beautiful chests are the perfect gift for your child. It is a place to store all of their toys and blankets while keeping your home neat and clean.

Our collection of toy chests offers a delightful blend of functionality and style, perfect for keeping your child's play area organized and tidy. Our toy chests are thoughtfully designed with safety and durability in mind.

For those seeking a personal touch, our personalized toy chests provide a unique option. Each chest in this collection, including the beloved cedar hope chests, is crafted to be a lasting addition to your home.

About Our Toy Chests

Our blanket chests or toy boxes are available in Oak, Rustic Cherry, and Cherry Wood, ranging from 24" to 36" in length. Some include side handles, and all of these trunks have anti-slam hinges to prevent accidents.

American woodworkers handcraft each chest with their timeless craftsmanship. Their technique ensures great care in crafting solid wood, heirloom-quality chests for your child.

Each chest is sealed in a pre-catalyzed polyurethane to protect it from daily wear and tear, perfect for kids!

Customize the Toy Storage Chest

We also offer engraved toy boxes so your children can have a furniture piece made just for them! Place it in their bedroom or playroom, so there's a go-to spot for all of their toys.

Though our blanket chests come in Oak, Rustic Cherry, and Cherry, more customization is available. If needed, you can select the wood type, dimension, finish, and personalization. Select a product to customize, or contact us if you'd like something more unique!

Shop Cedar Chests

As you're shopping for toy chests, treat yourself with one as well! Cedarwood bottoms are excellent for repelling insects and fungi, making them the perfect place to store your heirloom prizes, precious quilts, and more. Browse our cedar chest page here!

FAQs About Rustic Toy Box

What is a toy chest?

A toy chest is a treasure box for toys! It is great for kids to store all of their toys and keep the floor uncluttered.

Are toy boxes safe?

Our toy boxes are safe. The pre-catalyzed polyurethane not only seals the wood but prevents accidental splinters from getting in little fingers. Also, all of our chests have anti-slam hinges to help avoid any accidents.

What is a good size for a toy box?

It depends on how many toys your child has! We offer toy chest lengths of 24", 30", and 36".

What kind of wood is used for toy boxes?

We use Oak, Cherry, and Rustic Cherry wood for our toy boxes in various stains. You can custom order a chest with another wood type as well.

How do you decorate a toy chest?

There is no need to decorate these toy chests since it stores all of the surprises inside, but you can get the toy chest engraved!

What should I look for in a toy box?

We recommend getting a high-quality toy box with anti-slam hinges. It can be painful for your child if their fingers get hurt from a slamming lid. All of our toy boxes and chests come with anti-slam hinges.

What is the difference between a rustic toy box and a regular toy box?

A regular toy box can be made with plastic or veneers. Our rustic toy boxes are made of solid wood, a stain, and pre-catalyzed polyurethane to protect the chest.

How long will it take for me to receive my toy box order?

It depends on what's in stock. Please select a product for a shipping estimate.

Are the personalized toy boxes made of real wood?

Yes, we only use solid wood, no veneers. We take pride in creating quality chests built to heirloom quality. That way, your child can have their treasure chest for a lifetime.

Is assembly required?

Nope! All of our chests come put together.

What about shipping costs?

Rustic Red Door ships everything for free in the lower 48 states!

What are the policies for damaged parts, returns, and exchanges?

We take pride in giving our customers high-quality toy chests. In the rare occurrence that it arrives damaged, please contact us immediately for a new toy chest. Learn more about our return, damage, and exchange policy.

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