Rustic Hanging Bells

On the search for hanging bells on a genuine leather strip? Add the tinkling ring of bells in your home for a sweet and inviting sound. Enjoy the details of this quality decor as a gift to yourself for your own home or to others!

Each set is thoughtfully crafted by Amish woodworkers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, resulting in a durable product you can trust.

Our popular rustic hanging bells have various options to choose from. In-Stock items range from 4-10 bells of various metal options on different leather lengths. The look and charm of the ringing bells will add a nice touch to your home whether your decor style is farmhouse, cottage, traditional, or rustic.

What are the Rustic Bells Best Used For?

To add an additional décor element to your holiday celebrations, the ringing of the Rustic Bells will be a delightful reminder of the holiday season. Besides décor that brings warmth into your home, you can hang it on a doorknob to acknowledge an entrance or an exit - a great addition for a store or homeowner. They're great for dog training too!

Shop Our Selection of Hanging Bells

Shopping for the perfect ringing sound? Search our items for one you'll love. If you're looking for a different color, size, or length, we have options!

Custom Order a Hanging Bell

Custom order hanging bells exactly to your specifications. Our options for metal bells are Solid Brass, Brass-Plated, Silver Plated, and Chrome Plated. Bell diameter size can be customized too. Each material, including the size, produces its own unique sound. The leather strips can be provided in various colors and sizes.

Shipping is free in the lower 48 states for in-stock and custom items.