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Brass Plated Hanging Bells


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  •  Genuine Leather, Black or Red
  • 4 Brass Plated Bells
  • Handmade by Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Contact us for special orders. We can do any size, different colors of leather, any number or type of bells including small, large, solid brass, brass-plated, silver-plated, and chrome-plated.


    • 14"L x 1"W
    • Leather Tie for Hanging Bells: approx 3"L


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    More about the Brass Plated Hanging Bells

    Hanging Bells 

    The tinkling jingle of bells has a lovely sound most people find very inviting. In addition to its friendly sound, bells are also useful around the home. Not only are they a cheerful addition as Christmas decorations, but bells can also be used for dog training, announcing an entering visitor, or for added security.  

    Genuine, Amish Made

    All of our Door Hanging Bells are handcrafted by Amish woodworkers in Lancaster, PA.  Each bell gives off a joyful sound that is distinctly different, depending on the metal type. Beautiful and sturdy, our selection of handsome leather straps includes 14”, 16.5”, and 30” lengths and some have two color options to accommodate your home décor style.

    Brass-Plated Bells

    Pictured here is our most popular bells -- the 4 Brass-Plated Bells with Black Leather Strap. The strap measures 14”L x 1”W and is slightly distressed, giving it more of a rustic look. A black leather loop is included at the end of the strap and can be used for hanging the bells on a doorknob or hook. Also available in red leather.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Susan Pouch

    These bills or a wonderful soul sound in the apartment, which I need for people entering.
    They look nautical and get along with all of our decor.
    Thank you

    Leather Strap--a good choice!

    Great quality, way better than the ones that have a vinyl strap instead of real leather

    High Quality and Attractive

    Nice sound. High quality & looks attractive hanging on our doorknob. Alerts us if our 3 year old is trying to open the door. I've since bought a couple more for our other doors.

    This is a reply by the admin

    sassy lashes
    Second Set Purchased

    This was the second set of these bells I have purchased. I bought them to put on my doors so my blind dog knows when they are being opened (she tends to sit right in their path while she waits for me to come back in). I love the sound they make, and they look great. I definitely recommend them.

    High Quality Product

    These bells are a high quality product. It took about 2 weeks, but my puppy is trained to ring this when he wants to go outside for the bathroom. When someone opens the door, I can hear the bells jingle from across the house. Sadly, it doesn't stop the GF from slamming the door everytime she closes it...