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Barnwood Dining Tables

Introduce a reclaimed barnwood dining table to your home! The warm ambiance brings a rustic flair while welcoming your family and friends to gather, eat, and connect. Each table is handmade to heirloom quality so that it can last a lifetime and longer! Read More

Dining Room Tables are Customizable

When shopping for dining room tables, we recommend prioritizing quality. At Rustic Red Door, we know how important home and family are. That's why we believe in sourcing quality materials and craftsmen in America, so you can have heirloom-quality furniture handcrafted with the utmost care and made to standards of excellence.

All our dining tables are fully customizable so that you can have the best one for your family. You can select the style, wood type, base type, finish, and more. Even if you don't see specific variations on our site, we can help you design them.

A barn wood dining table with a steel base brings a modern, industrial flavor to your living room and is great for those in transitional homes. Or perhaps you want a solid barnwood base for a rustic, traditional feel. You can have that!

We have a fantastic team of furniture designers to help you out. Let us know what you want, we'll work together to figure out the details, and our woodworkers will create it for you. Click a product or schedule a design consultation to get started.

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FAQs About Barnwood Dining Tables

What is a barnwood dining table?

A barnwood dining table is made of, well, barnwood! Reclaimed wood for our barnwood tables comes from deconstructed barns. But some of our other reclaimed wood pieces are taken from old factories, warehouses, and even decks...and sometimes from less traditional structures, like whiskey barrels!

What is the warranty on a barnwood dining table?

All of our dining room furniture has a one-year limited warranty. You can find out more on our warranty page.

Are reclaimed barnwood dining tables good tables?

Yes, there are many benefits to owning a barn wood table! Besides being better for the environment to prevent deforestation, reclaimed wood undergoes a process that makes it safer for the consumer and stronger than virgin wood. For instance, if Oak was previously used for a barn, it would be more robust due to the natural aging process. So there's a reason why we have many options for reclaimed wood furniture!

Is reclaimed barn wood safe?

Yes, it is. We take great care in sourcing reliable and safe reclaimed barn wood.

How strong is a reclaimed barn wood dining table?

Virgin Oak's Janka rating ranges from 1290 - 1360. Reclaimed wood is usually about 40 points higher, making it incredibly durable!

What kind of wood is reclaimed barn wood?

For our dining tables, we use reclaimed White Oak barnwood. We also offer reclaimed Poplar in our other products, like coat racks and barn doors.

What is the difference between a real barn wood table and a faux barn wood table?

One reason why people love barn wood is due to the imperfections that come from aging, nail holes, and former construction marks. Some companies will claim that they offer reclaimed barn wood furniture when it's actually fiberboard! We always use solid, reclaimed barnwood planks which ensure that each wood piece keeps its unique details while remaining sturdy.

What dining table legs are available at Rustic Red Door?

We offer a few different types of dining table legs; however, all bases and legs can always be customized even if you don't see them on our site. You can find X-Bases, Trestle Bases, Pedestal Bases, Legs, and Square Bases plus Turnbuckle Steel rods for some of our wood bases. And for steel bases, you can find our golden gate base, flared, and more!

Which dining table size is suitable for how many people?

Here's a breakdown of our seating capacity (does not include extensions)

Round Table Seating Capacity
Square Table Seating Capacity
Rectangle Table Seating Capacity
2-4 People: 3 Feet
2-4 People: 3 Feet
4 People: 42 inches wide x 48 inches long
4-6 People: 4 Feet
4-6 People: 4 Feet
4-6 people:42 inches wide x 60 inches long
6-8 People: 5 Feet
6-8 People: 4.5 Feet
6-8 people: 42 inches wide x 78 inches long
8-12 People: 6 Feet
10-12 People: 6 Feet