Collection: Live Edge Dining Tables

Live edge dining room tables have a simple way of capturing your attention in an effortless manner and are a customer favorite for a reason. Having a natural edge welcomes and invites your family and guests to join and stay awhile. The captivating details are sure to draw everyone in. Read More

Here, you can find walnut , epoxy, and more solid wood live edge tables. Whether you're looking for a round live edge table, or a live oak table, you can choose from this page or we can custom create one for you.

The tabletops of these live edge rustic dining tables are created by incorporating the wood's natural edge into the piece. Leaving the burls, knots, and grain features exposed provides natural and lively characteristics to the dining table. If you're on the search for something unique like this, these tables will bring warmth and comfort while completing your dining room.

American Made Dining Tables

Each table from Rustic Red Door is American made, and always crafted to heirloom quality. That way, your family can love it for years to come, and it can be passed down to the next generation.

The beautiful, natural edge not only appears rustic, but it also feels that way too. When a wood slab is cut, each piece produces its own exclusive and unique qualities. You can shop for one that's already made or get one custom-made! Live edge tables do not have an option for leaves; however, you can choose a large enough size so that everyone has easy access to a seat at the table!

Custom Live Edge Dining Tables

At Rustic Red Door, we offer custom live edge river dining tables that are expertly handcrafted by Amish craftsmen. All material items are sourced in the United States and are of excellent quality. As our pieces are produced by hand, all tables can be customized to fit exactly what you have imagined for your home. Epoxy resin is available as well.

Currently, we offer live edge spalted maple and walnut dining tables. Choose dimensions, epoxy, base, and base color!

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FAQs About Live Edge Dining Table

Is Live Edge More Expensive?

Live edge furniture is a lot more labor-intensive and is uniquely one-of-a-kind! We want to make sure that your wood piece is of the highest quality so there won't be any warping. We take great care in the process of making these to heirloom quality. Overall, the price will vary with the wood and base type as well.

Are Live Edge Dining Tables Still in Style?

Styles come and go, but there's something about the natural edge of a piece of wood that seems to last forever. The uniqueness is like no other since no two pieces are alike. You can use different bases to give it its own unique flair as well.

What Kind of Wood Is Used for Live Edge?

We use quite a few different types of woods. You can find Spalted Maple, Maple, Walnut, and more. You can read more about the wood types here.

How to Care for a Dining Table?

Climate control and dining table placement are essential to avoid warping! Also, clean your table with a simple cleaner you can make with vinegar and water (1:8). Please visit our main FAQ page for more in-depth directions on caring for your wood furniture.

Are Live-Edge Tables Durable?

Yes, they are. We take great care in creating our tables to heirloom quality. They are always made to be durable for long-term use.

How Thick Are Live-Edge Tables?

Our live edge tables are approximately 1.65" to 2.25" thick, making them durable for everyday wear.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

For our live edge dining tables, we offer a one-year warranty. Please read our warranty page for more information.

Custom American-Made Furniture

Looking for something tailored to your needs? Learn more about our custom furniture process.