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Black Quilt Rack with Shelf, Brown Maple

Black Quilt Rack with Shelf, Brown Maple

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  • Brown Maple Wood
  • Ebony Stain
  • Pre-Catalyzed Polyurethane
  • Mounting Screws with Matching Wooden Plugs Included
  • Removable Bar
  • 7"D x 9"H
  • Multiple Lengths Available
  • Subtract 3.5" from length to figure out space for quilt

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More About the Black Quilt Rack with Shelf, Brown Maple

Brown Maple Quilt Shelf

Have a quilt you'd like to share with the world? We understand that each quilt takes patience and talent. It only makes sense that it deserves to be displayed in your home. With an ebony stain, it gives this piece a black hue that works great in a modern, farmhouse, or industrial home.

Easily hang your quilt on the removable rod and add your favorite decorations on the shelf. This black quilt shelf comes in sizes ranging from 30"L to 72"L so price will vary.

Best Materials, Heirloom Quality

We select the best material for construction. Crafted from solid brown maple by expert woodworkers, this match results in an heirloom-quality black quilt rack.

When you get your new quilt rack, make sure to read the directions on how to install it. You can find quilt rack installation instructions here.

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Want a Custom Design?

When displaying a prized quilt, we understand if you have a specific size in mind. If you need help creating a custom product, we'd love to help you craft one to your exact specifications. That way, you can admire the quilt and shelf it's displayed on. Shipping is free in the lower 48 states for custom products too.

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