Damaged or Defective Items

1. Please open package & inspect furniture thoroughly within 2 days of receiving item.
2. Please keep ALL packaging (including foam/bubble wrap, etc.) for 30 days in the small chance any issues arise.

Although we do everything on our end to ensure you receive your furniture piece in perfect condition, there is the very rare possibility it arrives damaged or defective.  If you see the damage when it is delivered, you can:

                                                 - Ask the delivery driver to refuse the shipment as Damaged--Return to Sender or
                                                   Received Damaged, Subject to Further Inspection.

                                                 - If the driver isn’t present, immediately call the delivery company to report the

                                                                UPS 1-800-742-5877 or FedEx 1-800-463-3339

                                                                You’ll need:
                                                                Tracking number from shipping label
                                                                Description of damage
                                                                Value of item

                                                -Take pictures of the damage from different angles.

                                                - Wait about 30 minutes and then run your tracking number online.  It will show that you
                                                  reported the damage.  Once it shows, please contact us at:                    

                                                                              Rustic Red Door (kerry@rusticreddoor.com or 1-888-308-3048).  
                                                                              Our instructions may include you returning the item.  If so, it must
                                                                              be returned in the original packaging.  We strongly recommend you
                                                                              keep all packaging materials for at least the first 30 days after
                                                                              receiving your purchase.


Please note: You only have a few days to report the damage.