Installation Instructions for Wall Mounted Items

These instructions are for most of our wall mounted items.

NOTE: For quilt hanger (clamp) instructions, go here.

You will need the following tools/items:

1.  drill
2.  phillips head screw driver
3.  level
4.  tape meausure
5.  hammer
6.  1 general use nail
7.  3 inch screws
8.  studfinder (if screwing into a stud - which is recommended).
Optional: If not installing into a stud, at least 100 pound wall anchors (ie. toggle bolts)


1.  Measure your area to find the best place to hang your wall mounted item.
2.  If you will be screwing into a stud (recommended), find your studs with a studfinder.
3.  Remove the wooden plugs by taking a small screw and tapping on them from the other end.  See demonstration in video below (we re-branded from Hope Woodworking).   Once you attach your piece to the wall, you will plug up these holes, so that the screws don’t show. 

4.  Put your wall mounted item where you'd like it installed on the wall & then make sure it is level (so that you can mark it).
5.  Mark the spots (with pencil) where you will be drilling a hole or installing a wall anchor/toggle bolt.
6.  If using a wall anchor (or toggle bolt), put coat rack down & install it per the manufacturer's instructions.
7. If you are using a wall anchor (or toggle bolt), use a screw driver to tighten into wall.
8. Next, install the screw into the stud or wall anchor through the open holes (where you removed the plug).
9. Install the plugs back into the open holes.   Gently tapping on them with a small hammer or block of wood is typically most effective.