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Picture a beautiful 100% American-Made, handcrafted, reclaimed wood kitchen island in the center of the hub of your home! As most of you know, the kitchen seems to be the common gathering area when the cooking begins. Having ample workspace gives credence to the ol' saying, Many hands make light work, which usually results in lots of fun times and memory-making!

Handy Barn Wood Island

The tops and bases of our kitchen islands are reclaimed oak barn wood. Some have a natural finish for their top while other tops have a rich stain. Cabinets have either a contrasting stain color to the top (making it a two-tone island buffet) while other kitchen islands are completely stained in one color.

In addition to providing more workspace, a kitchen island also gives additional storage space for your accessories while keeping them within arm's reach. Each island is made of solid wood and finished in pre-catalyzed polyurethane to protect the wood. This finish holds up well to the demands of daily wear and tear. Browse our selection of different size, design, and stain options and find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Why Reclaimed Wood?

Most of the reclaimed oak wood we use in our products is from deconstructed barns and other old structures. With plenty of naturally occurring wood characteristics, these aged wood pieces are not only full of personality and charm, but the aging process they've gone through makes them even more durable. The results: an upcycled, eco-friendly furniture piece that's made to be cherished and stand the test of time.

Features of Reclaimed Wood Buffets

Each solid wood buffet has different features that include cabinet doors, wine racks, adjustable shelves, and drawers. Choose the features that work best for your home.

Some of the stain choices include Ebony, Antique Slate with Black Glaze, Provincial Stain, and more!

Customizable Kitchen Islands

Do you have a small kitchen? Or would a larger kitchen island buffet be better for your family? Let us design one to fit your space perfectly! Whether your home style is more of a modern or farmhouse look, we can create a kitchen island that complements your already-existing furniture and decor style.

More Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Decor

Look through our selection of solid wood Lazy Susan's to complete your kitchen. Different sizes and stain choices are available, and we even have an engravable option!

Perfect for keeping quick notes and grocery reminders are our wooden rustic chalkboards, and there's no better place to have one on display than in the kitchen. Some even have the convenience of hooks for hanging your apron or dishtowel when not in use.

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Custom American-Made Furniture

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