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The living room... the place for friendly chatter with guests, hosting game nights, and cozy movie nights with family. It only makes sense to create a welcoming, warm, and fun atmosphere in the place it matters most. Add brown maple end tables to tie your living room together! You can use it for lamps, family photos, plants, and more.

Brown Maple is a great choice. It's the center part of the tree that features various shades of brown. The grain is beautiful and tight, making it great for painting and staining - or keeping it as is! Each end table is crafted with care by our expert woodworkers. All furniture sourced and handmade in the United States is always made to heirloom quality.

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Want to see what other options you have? We have a variety to choose from. From reclaimed wood to spalted sycamore slabs. You can choose the style that matches your home aesthetic most. Search our rustic end tables page to see your options.

Yes, We Do Custom!

Each customer, including yourself, deserves the opportunity to create furniture that you can love for years. If you haven't found an end table you love, we'd be honored to help you create it. You can add drawers too! Either click a product or contact us for more specific requests. Just let us know what you want and we'll finish and ship it to your address for you to enjoy!

Price may vary with specifications. Free shipping for custom orders in the lower 48 states!

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