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Time to turn your home office into a charming place for inspiration and creation! The place to keep your computer, keyboard tray, notes, and more. Add an oak desk to your office space for organization, functionality, and the perfect productivity place in your home!

Whether you want a 100% wood desk or a desk mixed with an industrial base, you can select the one that matches your home office style most.

Why Oak Wood?

Most of our selections in our oak desks feature reclaimed oak material! Oak wood by itself is already incredibly durable. Reclaimed wood is from old building foundations - the usable pieces of wood are repurposed and upcycled. This makes it incredibly eco-friendly, durable due to its integrity, and an added rustic characteristic.

We search for quality wood to construct heirloom pieces. Each table is sourced and meticulously handmade in Ohio.

Customize a Desk

We want to make sure each customer has the choice to create the perfect workspace. Whether you want to change the style, the wood, or add drawers to save room, you can have that. Simply click on a product and let us know what details you want. We'll design it and take care of the rest. If you have more requests, contact us and we'd be happy to assist! Price may vary; Shipping is free for custom orders in the lower 48 states!

Shop Home Office Furniture!

We want to make sure you're able to choose the perfect desk! If you can't find one you love here, don't worry, we have more to choose from. Our style selections include epoxy river desks, farmhouse style, live edge, and more. Browse all of your rustic desk options here!

Want to see what else we have in store for you? Whether you're looking for storage chests, barn doors, or something else, Rustic Red Door has a selection of different furniture options for you to choose from.

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