Collection: Reclaimed Wood Desks

The rich history and characteristics of reclaimed wood bring rustic warmth to any room. Old foundations like barns and warehouses are torn down, and each usable wood piece is upcycled. Each plank is hand sorted, and nails are removed, in order to bring you reclaimed wood desks.

When you select a reclaimed wood desk for your home office, you're bringing in a synergy of creation - making it the perfect place for productivity. An eco-friendly material that prevents landfill waste, while adding a touch of pronounced nature to your workspace. Whether you're looking for an industrial twist with a steel base or a classic desk made of all reclaimed wood, those options are available!

How Is The Reclaimed Wood Desk Made?

We understand how important the atmosphere is - especially in the place you work! All reclaimed wood is sourced in the United States. After, it is carefully handmade by our expert craftsmen in Ohio. Great materials paired with their expertise create heirloom quality work that is proven through the test of time.

Customize Your Own Desk

We want to make sure you can get the features you want! If you can't seem to find the perfect fit, don't worry. You can have a custom-made desk to look and function exactly how you want. Whether you want to change the style, add drawers, or something else, you can have that. Price may vary with your specifications.

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When finding an heirloom-quality desk, it's important to see what other options you have! From live edge desks to epoxy river desks, we have plenty for you to browse through. Search for your favorite desk design in our rustic desk collection.

Once you've found your desk, it's time to complement the space! Add a wooden chair for you to stay grounded while you create, or grab a wooden shelf to display pictures of your family.

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