Collection: Rustic Dining Chairs

Your dining area can be one of the most used spaces in your home! It can be the perfect place to gather your family and guests after creating a lovely dinner to share. Or sit comfortably in our rustic dining chairs while enjoying your delicious meal and friendly chatter around your kitchen dining table!

Solid Wood Armchairs and Side Chairs

Each chair design brings a rustic yet classic touch. For a rectangular table, we'd recommend getting armchairs for the ends and side chairs along the table's sides! For round tables, most of our customers choose either all armchairs or all side chairs for uniformity. If you have an extendable table, we'd recommend getting extra chairs to seat added guests on special occasions!

Reclaimed barnwood, brown maple, and cherry are just a few of the solid wood material types we offer. Feel free to browse and find the best chairs for your table!

Customize a Dining Chair

Maybe you haven't found a dining chair you love. Or perhaps you'd like to customize it to be perfect for your dining table. We want to make sure each customer can get a piece they can love today and can pass down to future generations. Just let us know what you want and we'll take care of the rest. (We offer free shipping for custom orders in the lower 48 states!)

Shop More Dining Furniture

Don't actually have a dining table to pair your favorite chairs with, or are you simply ready to make a change? We have a large selection of dining tables so you can pick the one that fits your home and family's needs best. Whether you want a farmhouse-style table with a trestle base or a round extendable table, we offer those design styles. Search our rustic dining tables collection to find the perfect match for your favorite set of dining chairs.

If you have a farmhouse-style table already, you may be wondering whether you should get chairs or benches for your dining table. Benches are a great option for sitting and sharing your meal with friends or family members. Shop our farmhouse dining bench collection to discover which is the best fit for your home.

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Custom American-Made Furniture

Looking for something tailored to your needs? Learn more about our custom furniture process.