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Looking for a bed that will give you the homiest and cozy feeling? Our farmhouse beds can satisfy that vision you have for your bedroom. These beds will give your room a sense of warmth, adding that rustic style and simple look that will welcome you any time of the day. It’s subtly sweet and perfect for a night full of wonderful dreams. Size ranges from twin to king so the price will vary!

Why Farmhouse Style?

The authentic rustic look comes with the type of wood used. The fun part about reclaimed wood is that each piece has its own unique look. By deconstructing old foundations, the usable wood is repurposed which makes it a more durable material. Plus, you can save a tree by making an eco-friendly choice!

We select quality materials sourced from our country and expert craftsmen from the Midwest as our woodworkers. The pairing of great craftsmen with high-quality materials makes a perfect match. Bringing you the most high-quality furniture.

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Complement your bed frame with our selection of End Tables. We have a design style to coordinate with your selection. Matching can be a good way to synchronize your home space. But you can also pair the bed with other styles to give your bedroom an interesting dynamic. You really can’t go wrong with either of the choices. That’s the beauty of it!

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Customize Your Bed Frame

We want to make sure each customer gets a farmhouse bed they love. If you happen to not be satisfied with our selection of reclaimed bed frames, we'd love to help you customize!

Let us know what you want, we'll design it, and our craftsmen will carefully put it together. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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