Collection: Live Edge Wood Shelves

Live edge wood shelves will accent your home perfectly and let you display your favorite décor. These live edge slabs will elegantly create a warm and inviting environment that welcomes everyone in! Read More

Each live edge wall shelf has slight variations, offering a unique and elegant piece to any room. The hand-stained live edge natural materials add a raw aesthetic to your room.

Whether you choose to add these quality shelves to your home office, bedroom, living space, or somewhere else, putting your favorite décor on this live edge shelf will create a sense of coziness. These shelves really know how to bring together a rustic and warm atmosphere. Live edge décor is the ultimate way to add a rustic tone to your home.

Our shelves feature a clear pre-catalyzed finish that adds protection and preserves the beauty of the wood. The typical length of these shelves ranges 8 - 9" from the front edge of the shelf to the wall and has a thickness of about 1.5". The natural wood contour adds even more interest to our shelves.

Get Brackets for Your Shelf

After you have purchased one of our quality live edge shelves for your house, you can easily install it with our Heavy-Duty Arched Steel Brackets (sold separately)! When you purchase these brackets, it will include the hardware needed to mount the brackets for your live edge wood shelf.

Want a Custom Shelf?

We know how important it is to invest in a wood shelf that is of heirloom quality. That's why most of our products at Rustic Red Door can be custom ordered! Our shelf lengths are available between 24" to 72". If you want a different size, wood type, style, stain, or finish, you can Custom Order the perfect piece for your wall space.

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FAQs About Live Edge Wood Shelves

What wood do you use for live edge shelves?

We use Walnut and Maple woods for our live edge shelves. We also offer different types of stains. If you're looking for another wood type, custom order a shelf!

How do you hang live edge floating shelves?

Our live edge pieces are not "floating shelves" because they require brackets for hanging on the wall. However, the live edge coat shelf on this page will appear to float! Visit our floating shelves page to see our options.

What are the benefits of having live edge shelves?

Live edge shelves look beautiful with their natural edge and a smooth side. The steel brackets are the perfect piece to accentuate the shelf. The brackets are very easy to install and the details in the live edge are beautiful. You can display many different things on the shelf, like picture frames and decor!

How do I care for my live edge shelf?

We recommend that you keep your shelf free from any water as this can damage the wood. The shelf and brackets can be dusted with a lint-free cloth; the shelves should be used indoors only.

How do I know if a piece of wood is actually "live?"

You can tell it is live edge by the wood's natural edge. It is not cut to have a straight edge but, instead, still looks like a piece of wood with the bark or shape of a tree. The details of the wood should be present.

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