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Imagine coming to sit on your couch after a long day, placing your water cup on a reclaimed wood end table, and relaxing. You can have that. Tie your living room together with a piece that adds a welcoming feeling to your home. Place it next to the couch for extra surface space for lamps, drinks, decor, and more. Browse our reclaimed wood end tables to see which matches your home best!

How Is The End Table Made?

Reclaimed wood (or barnwood) is always a favorite for many. Old foundations like barns and factories are torn down. Instead of throwing out the old wood, the usable wood pieces are hand sorted and repurposed into something new. The old nails are torn out, and the natural aging of the wood makes it more unique and durable. The wood's contrasting imperfections make it that much more appealing.

All furniture items are handmade by our expert craftsmen. When you pair great materials with our select woodworkers in Ohio, you get heirloom quality products.

Custom End Tables

Want to change the color or style of the end table? You deserve to get furniture that matches your home. Whatever it is, we can help. You have the option to get end tables customized to your exact specifications. Click a product or contact us for more elaborate orders. Price may vary with specifications.

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Perhaps you want to look for a different style. Luckily, you have access to many wood types from live edge sycamore to rustic cherry. Search our rustic end tables here to find your favorite.

Shopping for your whole living room has never been easier. Whether you want a sofa table, a blanket chest for storage, or an entertainment center, you can have that. Mix and match to create the aesthetic you want. Browse our living room furniture collection to see all of that and some more!

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