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Nothing says "Welcome home" like your comfy, cozy bed. And nothing makes it comfier than the warmth brought from the look of a reclaimed wood bed frame. Something about the imperfections in the wood and the historical ambiance makes you want to completely rest.

Some of our reclaimed wood beds are customizable from twin size to king! So you can perfectly lay on your mattress and drift to sleep in peace.

Solid Wood Bedframe

Our reclaimed wood bed frames are designed to enhance the warmth and coziness of your room. The reclaimed wood has been repurposed from old buildings into this captivating piece of art. These solid wood (not manufactured wood) bed frames will be sure to transform your room into a snuggly oasis, as a safe space to retreat to after a long day. Plus, they're handcrafted from a sturdy and eco-friendly material that is sure to last for years to come!

We use reclaimed wood sourced from America that is carefully handcrafted into furniture by some of the best woodworkers in Ohio. We pride ourselves in having beautifully rustic and sturdy furniture at Rustic Red Door.

Pairing Your Bed Frame

Complement your bed frame with an end table or nightstand from our selection of End Tables. Whether you want to go with a matching reclaimed wood table or a different type of wood, it’s up to you. Matching can be a good way to tie the room together.

Want to see another way to elevate the natural-looking ambiance of your room? Browse the rest of our bedroom furniture collection to find out!

Customize Your Bed Frame

You’re probably imagining the most perfect bed frame. After all, the bedroom should be your haven. If you're not satisfied with this selection or style, we'd love to help you customize a bed frame to your exact specifications! Let us know what you want, and we'll take care of the rest. Click a product or contact us to get started!

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