Collection: Rectangular Dining Tables

Gather your family and friends in your dining room around one of our gorgeous rectangular dining tables. You can create the perfect space to invite your guests- the place to join for good food, good company, and endearing conversations. Read More

Your dining area will become a place for the family and guests to meet for holiday meals and fun family game nights.  All of our pieces are handcrafted to heirloom quality where memories will be made and passed down to future generations.

About Our Dining Tables

In our rectangular dining table collection, you'll find wood types like barnwood, black walnut, maple, and old-growth pine. We also offer various types of solid wood or steel base styles to choose from. If you're looking for a different wood type, base, or even style, you can custom order a dining table.

Why Are Our Rustic Rectangular Dining Tables a Popular Choice?

When you shop with us you will see why our rectangular tables were meant for you! We offer many different options to make the perfect fit for your family. At Rustic Red Door Co., we want to help you create the feeling of home in your kitchen or dining space with the perfect dining table. That's why we carefully source quality wood from reputable sources in America. By creating durable dining tables, these rustic pieces become family heirlooms. Our selected Amish woodworkers in Ohio have a reputation for creating furniture that lasts a lifetime. The quality is proven through the test of time. This allows you to know you have made the perfect investment.

How Do You Customize a Table?

Haven't found exactly what you're looking for here? Don't worry. We offer customization services for all of our dining tables on our website. You get to choose the shape, dimensions, wood type, stain, base style, epoxy color (if applicable), and more. If you need any shopping assistance, you can set up a free design appointment here.

FAQs About Custom Dining Tables

How Do You Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home?

We recommend keeping in mind how many people you want to seat, the size of your dining room, and of course the style! You want to make sure that the seating arrangement is comfortable. You can read our guide here to find the perfect size dining table. If you want to speak with someone from Rustic Red Door to make sure you have the design and style you need, set up a design apt and work with one of our experts.

Do Round or Rectangular Tables Take Up More Space?

When you are looking to make the most out of your dining area, you are probably looking to see which dining table is best for you. Round tables do take up less space; however, we can customize a rectangular table to fit almost any room. When you browse our rectangular tables you will be able to find the right table for your family.

How Long Is an 8 Person Rectangular Table?

Our rectangular tables that fit 8 people are 78 inches long. This does not include extensions. Some rectangular tables are available in different lengths.

  • 4 people: 42 inches wide x 48 inches long
  • 4-6 people: 42 inches wide x 60 inches long
  • 6-8 people: 42 inches wide x 78 inches long

If you want to learn more, visit our dining table guide.

What Is the Width of a Rectangular Table?

The width of these tables begins at 42 inches wide. If this width doesn't work for your area, we can create one that works for your dining room.

How Tall Is a Rectangular Table?

They are about 30" high, but some can be customized to a different height, if needed.

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