Collection: River Dining Tables

A flowing resin wood table can bring an artistic element to your dining room. This can spark plenty of conversations while creating an environment to make forever memories. The epoxy brings in the two live edge slabs together, creating a unique dining table for your home as a true work of art. Read More

Materials for Resin Wood Table

For our river dining tables, you can find wood species like live edge Walnut, Maple, Spalted Maple - but tables can be customized in different wood types. The details of the wood connected with an epoxy resin river can bring such a beautiful ambiance to your dining room. Check out our available wood types here.

Why choose an epoxy river dining table? The two materials of wood and epoxy can synergistically work together to create a unique, beautiful, and strong surface. Each kitchen table is handcrafted to heirloom quality so your family can enjoy every beautiful furniture piece for many years.

Get a Custom Epoxy Table

We have various epoxy colors and steel base options to choose from. You can shop our current products or customize a base that you don't see on our site as well. When you customize a dining table with us, you get to choose the wood type, style, base, size, and epoxy color. Schedule a free design consultation to get all of your questions answered by our excellent team of furniture designers. All orders have free shipping in the continental United States.

FAQs About River Dining Table

Are River Dining Tables Durable?

Yes, they are! Epoxy is a very durable material. It connects two slabs of wood to create a live edge river table and is used to help create a smooth surface.

What Things to Look for in a River Table?

If you're looking to purchase a river table, we recommend getting a dinner table from a reputable seller. In order to make sure it's the best quality, we at Rustic Red Door Co. make sure to fully dry our live edge slabs to prevent future warping.

How Thick Is a River Table?

It can range from 1.65" to 2.25" thick.

Does Epoxy Scratch Easily?

No, epoxy resin is naturally scratch-resistant. We finish our tables with pre-catalyzed polyurethane for that extra bit of protection.

Do Live-Edge Tables Warp?

They can warp if they're not taken care of. We make sure to fully dry our wood before constructing it into a table. (Make sure to read our FAQ on how to take care of tables so they can last for generations!)

What Type of Epoxy Do You Use for a River Table?

We use epoxy resin for our river tables. We offer a selection of different colors so you can choose your favorite.

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