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Rustic Mantel Brackets

Imagine your new mantel sitting on sturdy, steel, fireplace mantel brackets. The industrial support with your wood mantel will tie the room together and feel just like home. Read More

Sturdy Mantel Shelf Bracket

When shopping for brackets, we recommend getting something that's built to last. We always prioritize quality whether it's the hardware, the mantel, or other items. Each mantel bracket is proudly made in the USA and made of hand-welded steel. They can easily be used as mantel shelf support to bear the weight of the mantel and decor on top.

Each bracket is .25 inch thick steel with a powder-coated finish. Plus, the arch adds a subtle elegance and industrial element to these heavy-duty mantel brackets. Our current collection offers sizes 9"x12", 10"x12", and 12"x16". 

Customize Mantel Shelf Brackets

Perhaps the sizes we offer aren't large enough to support your larger mantel. Don't worry, we'd be happy to create customized shelf brackets to brace your new mantel. Let us know what size you'd like and we'll create it for you. We offer free shipping for custom orders in the lower 48 states.

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On the search for a different type of bracket? Perhaps you don't need one this large for your new shelving pieces. Shop our steel Shelf Brackets to find the perfect size for your new wall-mounted shelf.

Don't have a mantel for the brackets? Let us create one for you! You can choose the wood type, stain, dimensions, and more! Contact Us and we'll get started.

FAQs About Mantel Brackets

What is the purpose of a mantelpiece?

A mantelpiece is made to be placed above a fireplace. It frames the opening of the fireplace and décor can be placed on top! We recommend placing it a minimum of 12 inches above the fireplace.

How thick should a mantel be?

We recommend a mantel to be at least 6 inches for sturdy support.

How do you support a fireplace mantel?

We recommend supporting it will steel mantel brackets. These are heavy-duty so they're made to support the large piece! However, if you decide to get a floating mantel, you will need a different type of bracket.

What's the difference between a mantel and a shelf?

A mantel is made to be placed above a fireplace. A shelf can be placed around the walls of the home, but mantels can also be used as thick shelves if you want!

How to attach a fireplace mantel?

We have mounting instructions so you can do the installation yourself. To install it over your fireplace, please follow the instructions for our wall mounting installation page. Don't forget the drill!

Does a mantle have to be over a fireplace?

Nope! You can use it as a large shelf and put décor on top!

Do you offer a warranty?

For our steel mantel brackets, we offer a one year limited warranty. You can read more about it on our warranty page.