Collection: Square Extendable Tables

A square extendable dining table is a versatile piece that can accommodate both small and large gatherings with ease. This type of dining table features extendable leaves that can be stored within the table itself, allowing you to expand the table for guests, and collapse it back down to its original size for day to day use.

Customization is also available for all the tables you see on this page! A favorite is our Hawthorne Square Extendable DiningTable made from reclaimed barnwood, giving it a unique and rustic look that adds character and charm to any dining space. The use of reclaimed barnwood furniture also promotes sustainability by repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste.

The farmhouse style of these dining tables is characterized by its simple, sturdy design and warm, welcoming aesthetic. This style is often associated with country living and features elements such as natural wood finishes, distressed surfaces, and classic shapes.

Overall, a square extendable dining table is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that can serve as the centerpiece of your dining room for years to come. As with all our products, the Hawthorne Square Extendable Dining Table is American made and handcrafted to heirloom quality, so you can create memories around a table that lasts a lifetime.

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