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Your office space is a place to create the life you love! You might as well add a walnut desk to jive up the energy in your home office. By creating a workspace you love, you'll enjoy spending time there while being constantly inspired!

Our walnut desks come in various styles. Whether you're looking for a farmhouse-style desk with drawers for storage or a live edge computer desk, you can find it all here!

Why Walnut Wood?

Walnut wood is a beautiful and sturdy choice for everyday furniture. Its tight grain and fine features can easily create a beautiful synergy in your office room. If you opt for a live edge walnut slab, you get to enjoy the natural edge of the wood that will create a rustic and warm environment to get work done.

We source and produce all furniture by hand in the United States! The finest materials deserve the best craftsmen. Each piece is meticulously cultivated into something sturdy, beautiful, and of heirloom quality.

Yes, You Can Customize!

Found a desk you'd like to tweak? We can help! Whether you want a more modern style, different material, or a different number of drawers, you can select all the details! Let us know what you want, we'll design it, and our craftsmen will finish it up! Shipping is free for custom orders in the lower 48 states!

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Want to see what other options we have in store for you? Whether you want to choose a different wood type or a desk with an epoxy river, you can have that. And like all of our desks, they're customizable. You can find all your options in our office desks collection!

Once you've found your preferred table, finish it off with a live edge shelf! Browse our live edge shelf collection to turn your home office into your most productive place!

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