Collection: Rustic Extendable Dining Tables

Imagine your family gathering around one of our unique and gorgeous, rustic extendable dining tables. These dining tables will allow you to invite many family and friends to come and share a homecooked meal together. Read More

You and your kids will be able to share many stories and past memories while playing games or eating meals. Our materials and craftsmen are all sourced here in the US with free shipping delivered to you for you to enjoy. These dining room tables are made to be extendable so you aren't limited to how many can gather around your table.

Create an Inviting Dining Room

Not only are our US-made tables rustic, but they come in many shapes and sizes. All of our extendable tables are customizable according to your needs.

Here at Rustic Red Door, our extendable rustic dining tables come in many wood choices and styles so you can create the perfect piece of furniture. Whether you're looking for Pine, Oak, Cherry, Maple, or Reclaimed Barnwood to compliment your dining room furniture we are sure to have a wood choice that works for you.

Accommodating more guests or kids is a simple process with our extendable gliding mechanism. We also have tables with hand-worn edges and breadboard ends that add plenty of charm. Our tables are made from American wood that adds tons of character to your space.

At Rustic Red Door Co., we want to help you create a feeling of home in your kitchen or dining room. That's why we carefully source quality wood from reputable sources in America. By creating dining pieces that are durable, these rustic pieces become family heirlooms. Our selected Amish woodworkers in Ohio have a reputation for creating furniture that lasts a lifetime. The quality is proven through the test of time. This allows you to know you have made the perfect purchase.

Need More Assistance?

If you need any shopping assistance you can set up a free design appointment here. Our experts can help answer any questions and can create a custom dining table that suits your family's needs. Whether you want to seat 12 people at your table or customize the tabletop, we're here to help you do that!

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FAQs About Extendable Dining Tables

What is the difference between a regular dining table and a rustic extendable dining table?

A rustic extendable dining table has a table extension so you can make your dining table bigger for times when you have family and friends over. This is available for round, square, and rectangular tables. Live edge tables can not have extensions.

How do you choose the right rustic extendable dining table for your home?

Keep in mind how many people you want to seat and the size of your dining room! You want to make sure that the seating arrangement is comfortable. You can read our guide here to find the perfect size dining table. If you want to speak with someone from Rustic Red Door to make sure you have the design and style you need, schedule a design apt and work with one of our experts.

What are the benefits of owning a rustic extendable dining table?

An extendable dining table is great for creating more space when necessary. That way, when your friends and extended families come over for gatherings, there's more than enough space to seat everyone, while saving space when they're not. Our extendable tables are all built to be heirloom-quality, so these sturdy tables will last years to come.

How wide is a rustic extendable farmhouse table?

They range in width as each table is unique. Select a product and view the dimensions prior to purchasing. If you're looking for something in a different width, you can customize the product!

How should you care for your rustic extendable dining table to ensure that it lasts for years to come?

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