Collection: Two Tone Dining Tables

Ready to create a farmhouse dining room of your dreams? Our two tone dining tables are perfect for that. The blend of colors cohesively coming together can help you create a warm, inviting, and joyful environment for gathering around the table. Read More

About our Two Toned Farmhouse Tables

The two toned farmhouse dining tables at Rustic Red Door, is a mix of a wood tabletop, and a colored wood base or steel accented wood base. The classic farmhouse style includes wood and white, and can easily create a warm personality around the dining room. Steel and wood gives a rustic industrial feel that is homey and inviting. 

Some of these tables offer extensions. You’ll find breadboard extensions that give an additional 18” for each breadboard, or table-storing leaf extensions for an extra 12” each. This makes it perfect for creating space for guests when necessary, while having a functional table for the typical family dinner nights.

What Does Reclaimed Wood Mean?

The majority of the tables you see on this page are made of barnwood. Reclaimed wood, or barnwood, is taken from old buildings like farms and factories, and the wood is repurposed. Most barns were made of oak wood, so instead of throwing the wood to waste, it’s given new life - and is an eco-friendly choice! 

The barnwood dining tables you see on this page are made of reclaimed oak. Before the wood from the American barns are kiln dried, it goes through an extensive process of hand-removing nails that is a tedious and meticulous process. But the results are shown in the beauty of these tables, with gorgeous contrasts in the wood, and a history to tell. Plus, the natural aging of the wood gives the reclaimed wood more strength, making it a great choice for a solid and sturdy dining table.

Customize or Shop a Two Toned Table

Browse around this page to find the best farmhouse table for you. Two toned tables makes it fun to mix and match your dining chairs too! If you’re looking for a different color two-toned table, don’t fret - we offer free design consultations for creating custom dining tables. You let us know the wood type, the style, the paint color, epoxy (if applicable), size, and extensions (if applicable). 

You can also browse our other live edge dining tablesrustic dining tables and dining chairs to find the perfect fit for your family.

At Rustic Red Door, family is what matters most to us. We know that the home and family are the safe havens in our lives. That’s why all of our dining tables are crafted to heirloom quality - the last dining table you’ll ever invest in, and one that can be passed down to your future generations.

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