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If you're looking for a dining table that is elegant and rich, our rustic walnut dining tables may be your match. Our selection of tables brings a touch of class while creating a welcoming dining room that beckons everyone to join! Read More

About our Solid Wood Dining Table Options

In this collection, you can find inviting solid walnut tops, walnut epoxy river tables, live edge walnut dining tables, and more. The solid wood edge of walnut adds a contemporary, modern aesthetic while honoring the natural wood features. Plus, you'll see that each table sits perfectly on a solid steel base that is available in a variety of styles.

For all of our dining tables, each item is handcrafted to heirloom quality - sourced and produced proudly in America. The dining tables are sealed with pre-catalyzed polyurethane to protect the wood for years to come. That way, you and your family can make memories around the table. When the table is passed down to your child, the history of the joyous days will remain as they tell stories to their kids about mom and dad's heirloom-quality table!

Custom Order a Dining Table

Perhaps you don't see what you want on our site and you're looking for a round dining table or other pedestal dining table. Even if you don't see the style you're imagining, we can help you craft the perfect dining table for your family and dining room.

When you custom order a dining table from us, you get the opportunity to invest in the style of your dreams! Choose the shape, dimension, wood type, finish, style, and more. Click a product to get started or schedule a free design consultation if you'd like to chat with one of our furniture designers. The continental US always gets free shipping too!

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Beyond our walnut dining tables, you can find round dining tables, barn style dining tablesrectangular dining tables and more on our site. After you select your table, don't forget to add the seats! In our dining seat options, you can find traditional dining chairs, farmhouse benches, and upholstered chairs. Browse our dining chairs and dining benches to find the best fit for your table.

FAQs About Walnut Dining Room Tables

Is Walnut a good wood for furniture?

Absolutely! Solid walnut wood is beautiful with its rich colors and characteristics. It also has a Janka rating of 1010!

Which is more durable for dining tables, Mahogany or Walnut?

Though we do not offer Mahogany on our site, Mahogany has a Janka rating of 800-900, while walnut has a Janka rating of 1010. In terms of durability, Walnut wood would be the winner!

Which is a better dining table, Walnut or Oak?

If you're looking for hardness, Oak has a higher Janka rating than Walnut; however, walnut is still strong to support everyday use. We recommend choosing the wood type you like. If you'd like to learn more about the wood types we offer, visit this page.

How can you tell if the wood is Walnut?

Walnut has a very distinct look. It has many different colors ranging from a rich chocolate brown to light, golden yellow with a gorgeous grain pattern with streaks.

How to clean a dining table?

A simple 1:8 ratio of vinegar to the water will do the trick. Read more about caring for your table in our FAQ.

How to protect my Walnut dining table?

We have added a coat of pre-catalyzed polyurethane to help withstand daily wear and tear. To protect it, we recommend leaving it out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources (like fireplaces, radiators, heating vents). You can learn more about how to take care of your solid wood table on our FAQ page.

What are the different styles of walnut dining room tables Rustic Red Door offers?

For the walnut tables you see on this page, you will find live edge walnut dining tables, walnut river tables, walnut epoxy tables, and solid walnut tabletops. Customization is also available! Click a product to get started or schedule a design consultation here.

What should you consider when buying a walnut table?

If you're looking for a walnut wood dining table that lasts a lifetime, we recommend making sure you purchase it from a reputable seller that is built for heirloom quality.

What are the dimensions of a typical dining table?

It all depends on how many people you want to seat and your dining room size! For our Hayden Dining Table, you will find 24 options ranging from 42" x 60" to 48" x 144". We also offer custom live edge walnut dining tables so you can pick the exact size (and style) you want!

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