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Picture this. It's your favorite holiday, extended family and friends are over and they come into your dining room and fall in love with your table! Our epoxy dining tables will stir up that kind of emotion. What a wonderful setting to share with your loved ones! Read More

Here, you can find our river tables and live edge tables with epoxy filled in. We offer wood species like walnut, maple, and spalted maple, as well as various steel base types - but more can be customized! You can see what wood types we offer here.

Why Our Resin Dining Tables?

At Rustic Red Door Co., we believe that family matters most. Making memories in your home with your family is one of the most beautiful experiences. That's why we always create our dining furniture to heirloom quality. You and your future generation can create an environment that makes everyone feel welcome - like they're right at home.

Each live edge slab is sourced in America and our craftsmen are located in the midwestern US. Our team of furniture designers and expert woodworkers takes great care to make sure your epoxy resin furniture is built to last for the many years your family surrounds the table.

Customize Your Epoxy Table

We know how important it is to create an environment you love. You deserve to get exactly what you want. Choose your style, size, wood type, base design, and epoxy color and we'll craft it to perfection. Click a product you like to get started or contact us for a free design consultation if you're looking for something unique! If you're looking for something else, you may also like our live edge coffee tables!

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At Rustic Red Door, we offer a variety of American-made, heirloom-quality dining tables. You can find walnut dining tables, live edge dining tables, barnwood dining tables, and more. Perfect for creating a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic in your home!

FAQs About Epoxy Dining Table

Is Epoxy Good for a Dining Table?

Besides the beautiful appeal epoxy can add to a table, epoxy is incredibly durable. It's not permeable so you can clean with almost anything. However, due to the epoxy being surrounded by wood, we recommend a light and gentle cleaner to keep the wood in optimum shape.

How Much Do Epoxy Tables Cost?

It depends on the wood type, base, size, and customization. Contact us for a quote and our furniture designers will be happy to assist you and determine a quote.

Is the Epoxy Kitchen Tables a Good Choice?

Yes! Epoxy is very durable and strong, and it can beautifully bring the wood pieces together so it becomes an epoxy resin river table. Epoxy is also used to fill in the naturally occurring wood cracks and crevices to create a smooth, usable surface.

How Long Does an Epoxy Dining Room Table Last?

An epoxy wood dining table should last as long as our other solid wood dining tables if taken care of properly. Please read our site FAQ to learn more about the best ways to care for your resin table.

How Much Does a Custom Resin Kitchen Table Cost?

Similar to the previous question, it all depends on the customization. Our design experts will help you customize a table that meets your needs and give you a cost estimate.

Does Epoxy Resin Scratch Easily?

No. Epoxy resin is naturally scratch-resistant but that doesn't mean it's invincible. We finish all of our tables with pre-catalyzed polyurethane so your resin and live edge wood furniture stay in top quality throughout the years.

What Epoxy Is Used for Tables?

We use epoxy resin to create an epoxy river or to fill the natural crevices found in a live edge tabletop.

Are Epoxy Tables Durable?

Yes, they are! And our tables are built to heirloom quality. They should last for many generations if cared for properly.

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