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Epoxy Dining Tables

Epoxy Dining Tables for Your Home

Picture this. It's your favorite holiday, your extended family and friends are over, and they come into your dining room and see an alluring dining table to gather around. And, they love it... how could they not? What a wonderful setting to share with your loved ones!

Tables with epoxy resin are a contemporary way to add a distinctive twist to live edge furniture - something that is already one of a kind. If you're looking to add a unique piece to your dining room that has a "wow factor," consider one of our epoxy dining tables. Here, you can find epoxy river dining tables and live edge tables with epoxy that fills the crevices.

Handcrafted and Customizable Dining Table

There's something amazing about an epoxy table that is handmade to this level of beauty. At Rustic Red Door, we want to bring you an heirloom-quality table that will last for decades and some more. Our select, expert woodworkers have been using the same woodworking techniques since the early 1900's - and now they create beautiful furniture for your family.

All the tables you see on this page have the option of being a custom order. You get to choose the resin color, from dolphin grey to black epoxy and more. Our selection of wood includes spalted maple, black walnut, maple, and more. You can customize the shape of the table and the steel base too!

Shop More Epoxy River Table Styles

Wherever an epoxy table sits, it will always become the focal point of the room. If you're looking for different types of river tables, we have a wonderful selection that includes a river coffee table, river sofa table, and even a lovely desk. This eclectic style of furniture is a combination of rustic and modern - a beautiful and new way to bring the charm of the outdoors in.