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Your dining room is the place for connecting with your family and guests, sharing great meals, and creating memories in the place that matters most. But what happens if your dining table isn't large enough to seat everyone? An extendable dining table may be the answer.Read More

Why Add an Extendable Table to Your Dining Space?

A true farmhouse style allows you to seat many people around the table in the comfort of your home. This expandable farmhouse dining table allows you to create more room for guests.

Whether you have a larger or smaller dining space, you can find a round / rectangular / square extendable dining table that works with your dining room size. For smaller dining spaces, round or square extendable tables are a great option. With middle leaf (additional 12" each) add-ons or breadboard end (addition 18" each) extensions, you can accommodate extra guests on special occasions while keeping your dining space just right on typical days.

Extendable Dining Table Options

Our selection of solid wood extendable dining tables has various options for you to choose from. In terms of wood, you can find tables made of solid reclaimed barnwood, quarter-sawn oak, rustic cherry wood, and more.

In terms of the legs or base, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Whether you're looking for a farmhouse, rustic, or industrial flair, you'll be able to find one to match your home design style. You can find solid wood pedestal bases, steel bases, trestle bases, or even legs designed to support your table.

Shop Solid Wood Dining Furniture

Besides our extension dining tables, we also offer live edge dining tables! Though these are not extendable, beauty prevails. Each piece is unique so if you're looking for a dining table that is one-of-a-kind, you'll find it here. Once you've found your favorite Dining Table, make sure to add seats! Not sure what you want? We have Dining Chairs and Dining Benches so you can mix and match. Browse around to find your favorite! Like our dining tables, our dining chairs can be customized too.

Custom Order a Table

Want a table made to your exact specifications? We'd be honored to help you customize your very own dining table. Whether you want a classic design with clean lines or something with a farmhouse flair, we can help! Let us know exactly what you want and we'll take care of the rest. Click a product or schedule a design consultation to get started.

FAQs About Extendable Dining Tables

What is an expandable dining table?

Extendable tables mean you can expand the size of the table. Some have optional self-storing leaf(s) or breadboards to seat extra guests.

What are the different types of extendable dining tables?

Depending on the table selected, removable leaf extensions (12"W each) or breadboard extensions (18"W each) are available.

How do expandable kitchen tables work?

Expandable dining tables can have breadboard extensions that are placed just inside the table's ends to add length. For other tables, the tabletop opens in the middle by way of a gliding mechanism, and leaves are then inserted to expand the top.

Which dining table takes up less space?

We recommend a square or round table if you have a smaller dining room or want to save space. Each leaf adds a minimum of 12", and breadboards add 18".

Are butterfly leaf tables and expandable dining tables the same?

Butterfly leaf tables have leaves that are stored in the middle and come out like a butterfly! So it's technically the same because the leaves are in the middle of the table. But breadboard extensions are not the same as a butterfly leaf table because the extensions are added at the ends of the table.

What kind of dining table would be a good choice for a small dining room?

We recommend a round or square tabletop. Both can have leaf extensions so you can expand them for guests!

What dining table legs are available at Rustic Red Door?

We offer various solid wood bases (trestle, legs, pedestal), black powder-coated steel bases (golden gate, twisted knuckle, and more), and some with turnbuckles! Browse around to see which suits your taste best.

Which dining table size is suitable for how many people?

Below is a list of our seating capacity for sizes. This does NOT include leaves. Please read our dining table guide for more information.

Round Table Seating Capacity
Square Table Seating Capacity
Rectangle Table Seating Capacity
2-4 People: 3 Feet
2-4 People: 3 Feet
4 People: 42 inches wide x 48 inches long
4-6 People: 4 Feet
4-6 People: 4 Feet
4-6 people: 42 inches wide x 60 inches long
6-8 People: 5 Feet
6-8 People: 4.5 Feet
6-8 people: 42 inches wide x 78 inches long
8-12 People: 6 Feet
10-12 People: 6 Feet

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