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Gather your family and guests around a new farmhouse or rustic table in your dining room. Create the ambiance you want in your dining space with a reclaimed wood dining table -a stylish, eco-friendly, and wonderful choice.Read More

Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Tables

The rich history of reclaimed barnwood adds a welcoming and comfortable tone to your home. Our barnwood is made of white oak, meaning it's extra sturdy! Our reclaimed barnwood is made from old barns that are taken down and now repurposed into a table or other furniture for your home. It creates a farmhouse-style look in an effortless way!

We offer several design styles of reclaimed wood kitchen tables. Our barnwood materials are handcrafted of solid white oak to ensure the highest and most durable quality. Whether you want a table made of all barnwood, or looking for one with an industrial steel base, you'll find that on this page. The rustic and humble beauty of barnwood will add a welcoming feel to your dining room!

Seating for Your Dining Table

Once you've chosen your dining table, don't forget to pick the seats! Whether you're looking for reclaimed wood armchairs, side chairs, or benches, we have a variety of options to choose from! Browse our dining chairs and dining benches to mix and match your favorites.

Customize Your Table

It's important to get the reclaimed wood dining table you want. Though we have a selection to choose from, you may want one made to your exact specifications.

You can choose the type of wood, base, size, finish, and more. However you picture your ideal table, we'll design it, and our selected Amish craftsmen in Ohio will carefully handcraft it. We'll send it to you as a perfect work of art where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Click a product to get started or schedule a design consultation for more customization options!

Shop More Farmhouse Dining Tables

If you're looking for a different type of wood table, check out our walnut dining tables and live edge dining tables. We offer multiple styles such as epoxy wood tables, pub tables, desks, and more!

Wood Dining Tables at Rustic Red Door

We care about where our sourcing comes from so we can support American workers, and give you a piece that you can be proud of. All of our selected wood is often from the midwestern or northeastern parts of America. That way, you're getting quality material that's sure to last a lifetime. Because it's made of the best quality, it's important to take care of your wood. With our beautiful barnwood tables, whatever you choose will give you the perfect design that can add character to the dining space. Assembly may be required; if so, check out these instructions on how to Set Up Your Table. **Free delivery for purchases in the lower 48 states. Please read the descriptions for more details.

FAQs About Custom Dining Tables

What is reclaimed wood?

Instead of using fresh trees, reclaimed wood is taken from old foundations such as a barn (barnwood) or an old factory. This wood goes through a process of nail removal and making sure that the wood is still in good condition to be used. By doing so, the process and natural aging of the wood give it a rustic look. It's also an eco-friendly option and a lot stronger due to natural aging. All of the reclaimed wood tables you see here are made of white oak, which also has a high Janka rating!

Are reclaimed wood tables good?

Yes! Not only are they eco-friendly, but they're also a lot more durable due to the age of the wood.

How to protect reclaimed wood dining tables?

We always seal our dining tables with pre-catalyzed polyurethane to protect the table from daily wear and tear. We also recommend checking out our FAQ page for details about the best way to care for your wood table.

What does a reclaimed wood dining table look like?

Since the nails are taken out, you will see some darker holes and natural wear from the wood's previous use. The colors have varying shades of brown, from dark chocolate to light brown, giving it a beautiful, rustic look!

What type of stain and finish do we use on a rustic reclaimed wood dining table?

For reclaimed wood, we typically go with a provincial or natural stain. After the staining process, all of our tables are sealed with pre-catalyzed polyurethane for extra protection from daily wear and tear.

How to clean wood dining tables?

We recommend using a 1:8 vinegar to water ratio to clean! Never saturate your dining table with liquid. Use a microfiber cloth so you can dust your furniture while trapping the dirt. You can read more about our recommendations for wood furniture in our FAQ.

What type of wood is reclaimed wood?

For our dining tables, we use reclaimed white oak wood.

Which table size is suitable for how many people?

Look at our list below to see the sizes for each table. This does NOT include leaves. Please read our dining table guide for more information. For reference, depending on the table, each leaf adds a minimum of 12" and each breadboard end adds 6-18".

Round Table Seating Capacity
Square Table Seating Capacity
Rectangle Table Seating Capacity
2-4 People: 3 Feet
2-4 People: 3 Feet
4 People: 42 inches wide x 48 inches long
4-6 People: 4 Feet
4-6 People: 4 Feet
4-6 people: 42 inches wide x 60 inches long
6-8 People: 5 Feet
6-8 People: 4.5 Feet
6-8 people: 42 inches wide x 78 inches long
8-12 People: 6 Feet
10-12 People: 6 Feet

Custom American-Made Furniture

Looking for something tailored to your needs? Learn more about our custom furniture process.